Join us on October 6 (US) or October 7 (Asia) (based on your timezone) and let us stand in the gap for Sahel.

With songs of praise, thanksgiving, and all kinds of supplications, let us plead with 1 MIND 4 Sahel that God will grant divine intervention in a region in Africa that has frequent shortages of food and water due to the dry harsh climate, and a recent trouble due to war and political strife.  On this occasion, MusicVerse and 24/7 United Prayer, in partnership with ASAP Ministries and the Revival and Reformation of the General Conference. Join us on October 6-7 (depending on your time zone) for 24 hours to pray, sing and witness God’s goodness as He pours out the Holy Spirit upon His people.    Click “Join Now” below to join for prayer.

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