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When the Lord first guided me to 24/7 I was very discouraged spiritually. He has greatly encouraged me through the prayers and testimonies. But He has also convicted me of things I need to confess and change in order to be used by Him. I am praying to be able to take this ministry to my Spanish speaking church. I am praying for more Spanish speaking prayer lines. – Irma S. USA

Prayed so much for brother Rashid who was said to have left the church. When at last I contacted him, after the many prayers sent out to him through 24/7, he was still strong in the Lord. He is in a difficult situation but strong in the Lord . Thank you 247 United Prayer. – Mary A. Kenya

Since I’ve been on this 24/7 United Prayer zoom call, I’ve had a closer experience with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I felt His Spirit so closely like never before. – Patty B. USA

The 10 days of Prayer and 24/7 United Prayer ministry have been a blessing…I was down with COvid the past few days I am now better.The prayer calls are helping to get into a culture of Prayer…I had gone wayward but the Covid 19 and this ministry is helping to get on track. Kudzanayi M. Zimbabwe

Since I joined this Ministry last week on Wednesday, I can see a Change in my life.  I used to be a person short of words and not taking enough time to pray but now I can pray. God has done something special in my life.  I praise God for this opportunity. – Patrick K. Zambia

I have been going through an extremely difficult time in my marriage life. I felt despondent, abandoned and alone. I have to care for my two children with little to no help from my husband. 24/7 United Prayer has lifted my spirit and given me hope. Thank you so much for this. May God continue to bless this ministry. – Carene, USA

I am very thankful that a friend of mine told me about this 24/7 United Prayer North America through the 10 Days of Prayer email that came from the General Conference. I am so blessed as I attend this prayer call. I am also encouraged to know that this prayer call meets every night even after the 10 Days of Prayer are over.” – Raimona, USA

I praise God for this 24/7 United Prayer. It has greatly changed my life, my outlook, and mindset in life. The prayers are just always encouraging whenever I am feeling down or alone or troubled. – Xianne A. Thailand

24/7 United Prayer has helped me look forward to waking up early in the morning – either to join in UP, or for personal prayer time. God has sustained me through a long personal rough patch, and my faith is growing. – Linda L. USA

24/7 United Prayer has changed my prayer life. I used to pray just for me, my needs etc, but 24/7 United Prayer has opened a huge ministry of intercession. It has taken my eyes off self and realisation of a greater need of prayer and what can be achieved through United Prayer. This has changed my life course totally. – Bridget R. Australia

24/7 United Prayer helps me to see more that prayer is time-saving. God is able to organize everything in a short time. – Iyoy S. Indonesia

24/7 United Prayer made me to rise up early and have quality and quantity time with God and made me Morning Person 🙂 . The testimonies I hear here have strengthened by Prayer life and I dare not to miss any day , because God showers His mercy daily in response to our prayers to strengthen our dependency on Him. – Jonathan J. India

I praise God for the powerful 24/7 prayer platforms, for it has encouraged me to pray without ceasing. The platform is available even when travel involves time change. There is always a prayer call going on in a country within reach of my time zone. I praise God for technology and for God’s children who faithfully humble themselves to intercede on behalf of others. God is faithful and He answers prayers.– Bea D. Nigeria

I have been so blessed by joining 24/7 united prayer as i am encouraged that there are many who join from around the world and we are all united in our desires. I feel we are bonded in our hearts through our prayers even though we don’t know each other. – Nita T. Australia

This ministry is not only informational but most importantly transformational. A changed life that is made possible through prayer by a living and prayer-answering God. My recurring prayer is for many to discover the blessing of this platform to talk to God. A morning without 24/7 Asia is like going to a war without armor. Imagine God coming down to listen to our prayer and handing out each one grace that would last more than the entire day! – Lin T. Thailand


I want to praise and thank God, for this far he has brought me. The 24/7 united prayer has brought change in my life, it has made me to move closer to our friend Jesus. I don’t have a Wi-Fi but I normally use bundles, truly have never luck to join the ministry every day because of the bundles. God has been providing for me. I thank this ministry and I hope it will change the lives of many people around the world. Thank you once again.  – Alvin K. Kenya


I was invited to united prayer by someone at church. It kept me going through the pandemic especially that I was separated from my family. I stopped joining when the time was changed as it was not possible with my work routine. I praise God that I went back to United Prayer and made a commitment to start each day joining in this wonderful experience. The testimonies shared revive me and the shared cares are a call for more prayers. I have met wonderful people who have been companions especially that I am an expat teacher away from home. I experienced many wonderful answers to my prayers and God reunited me with my family through divine Providence despite the expenses and complications of travel in the pandemic. God provides and continues to do miracles in my life. – Sharon M. Thailand

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“Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.” Psalm 100:4

“I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.” Psalm 34:1