A survey of Adventist churches revealed that 5-10% of churches are prayerless. 70-80% of churches have a prayer ministry. And 5-10% are Houses of Prayer.

“A revival need be expected only in answer to prayer” (1SM 121).

Wherever the need of the Holy Spirit is a matter little thought of, there is seen spiritual drought, spiritual darkness, spiritual declension and death. Whenever minor matters occupy the attention, the divine power which is necessary for the growth and prosperity of the church, and which would bring all other blessings in its train, is lacking, though offered in infinite plenitude” (Acts of the Apostles, p. 50).

We are too busy to pray, and so we are too busy to have power. We have a great deal of activity, but we accomplish little; many services but few conversions; much machinery but few results.” – R.A. Torrey

Is your church prayerless, a prayer ministry church, or a House of Prayer?

Are you dissatisfied with the status quo?

Do you long to see your church become a House of Prayer where Jesus changes lives?

If you are answering “Yes” to these questions, God is calling you to get involved!

Day 2 Heart challenge:

  1. Throughout the day ask God to remind you what He is speaking to you in today’s reading and going deeper discussions and to help you to apply them in your life. 
  2. Consider reading “Chapter 16- Calls for Revival, The Church Great Need”
  3. Prayerfully reflect on the quotes and questions raised above.