Strengthening Community Prayer

Today, we shift our focus to strengthening community prayer within our church family. Together, we can uplift and support one another through the power of prayer.

Suggested Reading: 

1. Devotional Reading: Bible Verse: “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” – Matthew 18:20

Reflection: Reflect on the significance of communal prayer in strengthening bonds within the church community. Consider how coming together in prayer fosters unity, support, and encouragement among believers.

EGW Quote: “As little children we are to sit at the feet of Christ, learning of Him…. We should not allow a day to pass without gaining an increase of knowledge in temporal and spiritual things. We are to plant no stakes that we are not willing to take up and plant further on, nearer the heights we hope to ascend. The highest education is to be found in training the mind to advance day by day. The close of each day should find us a day’s march nearer the overcomer’s reward. Day by day our understanding is to ripen. Day by day we are to work out conclusions that will bring a rich reward in this life and in the life to come. Looking daily to Jesus, instead of to what we ourselves have done, we shall make decided advancement in temporal as well as spiritual knowledge.” Our Father Cares – Page 120

2. Join the boiler room and follow along with their devotional reading for the day.

Day 32 Heart Challenges:

1. Reach out to a fellow church member and pray together over the phone or in person.

2. Participate in a virtual prayer meeting or prayer chain organized by your church

3. Share a prayer request with your small group or prayer partner and commit to praying for each other throughout the week.

4. Prayerfully reflect and read ahead Philippians 4:6 and The Review and Herald, November 19, 1895, to prepare for Day 33. 

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