Step 6 – Work together with the pastor to create a culture of prayer

Suggestions for creating a culture of prayer:

1. It begins with you – MOST IMPORTANT!

2. Turn your prayer meetings into meetings of prayer and not preaching

3. Preach or teach a series on prayer

4. Create prayer chains

5. Promote prayer partners

6. Use banners and slogans–Forward on our knees, etc.

7. Initiate a prayer focus

8. Call for times of fasting

9. Have prayer request cards readily available

 10. Celebrate answered prayer through testimonies

A six-year study of Adventist churches revealed that the most effective way to inspire people to pray is through testimonies. Genuine, authentic, heartfelt testimonies will inspire like nothing else. When a mother stands up and says, “I’ve been praying for my son, and praise the Lord, he is with us today,” that speaks volumes.

Most effective churches provide many different venues and opportunities for prayer. We cannot expect everyone to show up on Wednesday night for the midweek prayer meeting.

You need to struggle with God and He will give you ideas of what to do.

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2. Inspiring testimonies from others
3. Prayer support from others who are also building H.O.P.E.

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