Seeking Help and Trusting God’s Provision

Today, we revisit the powerful assurance that as we seek God’s help, He will provide according to His will, bringing glory to His name and reminding us that God provides help and provision for those who earnestly seek Him in prayer.

Suggested Reading:

  1. Devotional Reading: Read COL 173 again and focus on the assurance that God provides help and provision for those who seek Him in prayer.

“Go forward, the Lord says; I will send you help. It is for My name’s glory that you ask, and you shall receive. I will be honored before those who are watching for your failure. They shall see My word triumph gloriously. ‘All things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.’ Matthew 21:22” (COL 173)

2. Join the boiler room and follow along with their devotional reading for the day.

Day 8 Heart Challenge:

  1. Choose one area of your life where you need God’s provision. Dedicate time in prayer, asking for His help and trusting that He will provide according to His will.
  2. Reflect on past instances where God provided for you in unexpected ways. Write a prayer of gratitude for His provision and commit to trusting Him even in areas where provision seems uncertain.
  3. Prayerfully reflect on  Step 2 on how to build a house of prayer. Read Matthew 6:6, where Jesus encourages us to pray to prepare us for Day 9.
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